Muhammad Ali Farooqi


Muhammad Ali Farooqi is presently enrolled in PhD Pakistan Studies at QAU Islamabad. He is working as a joint secretary in "Azeem Educational Conference (Regd.)", and as a Bureau Chief in Monthly "Azeem English Magazine".He has worked as the President of "Quaidian Dramatics Club, Quaid i Azam University, Islamabad" for four years. He is also the founder of The Curtain Raiser.The Curtain Raiser,a student-founded body,is dedicated to strengthen the social awareness and development process through art based development approach specially using the unique platform of Theatre. He has led his team across several national level drama competitions and festivals across the country. Throughout his journey,he has worked on various themes,in relation to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including women empowerment, gender violence, child literacy, health issues, mental health, corruption and wildlife conservation through the medium of street theatre, radio dramas, short films, documentaries, live theatre and social media campaigns. He also organized multiple national level drama competitions and workshops to give a platform to youth of the nation to showcase their talent and works in a positive way. His diverse genre of work has resulted in national level acclaim which reflects by his remarkable achievements. In relation to his youth activism,he was featured in the annual blog of 'Theatre Across Borders' by "Thespo", a youth based organization in India.Moreover he has an honor to be part of National Cultural and Film Policy as youth activist and volunteer head. He worked with his team in the National Artists' Convention 2018 held at Pakistan National Council of the Arts and drafted Pakistan's first ever National Cultural and Film Policy.

Being a President of the club,as an actor and director as well,he has led his team and performed on many national platforms in prestigious institutes and not only did he perform but won several major awards.His achievements include;

  • “Best Positive Character” at Tehlka 2016
  • “Best Actor Male” at The 18th All-Pakistan Performing Arts Festival GIKI 2016.
  • “Best Actor Lead” at Youth Drama Festival PNCA 2016.
  • “Best Director” at Youth Drama Festival PNCA 2016.
  • “Best Director” at NUML,Islamabad 2017.
  • “Best Director” at Murree Arts Council 2017.
  • “Best Director” at 20th All Pakistan Performing Arts Festival,GIKI 2018.
  • “Innovative Youth Award” at SWAT by KPK Government.
  • “Best Director” at 21st All Pakistan Performing Arts Festival,GIKI 2019.

Year 2016 has been very lucky for him as he continued achieving more and the greatest. In Youth Drama Festival organized by PNCA he stole the show not only by putting up a great performance and winning hearts but also by winning “Best Actor”,Best Director” and “Best Play” awards. He is a person who is of a view that exciting things often happen when people step out of their comfort zone and make space to go for their dreams.He believes that doing what you love to do is invigorating; it doesn’t feel like work and could be the most joy you ever experience.Along with Quaidian Dramatics club he also managed NUML Dramatics CLUB for year 2016-17 as President and that too in an impressive way.His team NDC stood

  • 1st in “Hamarey Rang Aman k Rang”,
  • 2nd in “National Theatre Festival” at The Millennium University College TMUC Islamabad
  • 3rd in “Drama Festival” at Murree Arts Council.

His recent production was “Mein Haan Waras” at Alhamra Arts Council Lahore in September 2017. Mein Haan Waras won 20th All Pakistan Performing Arts Festival,GIK,KPK and multiple individual awards at several other competitions. 2nd in “National Theatre Festival” at The Millennium University College TMUC Islamabad 3rd in “Drama Festival” at Murree Arts Council. 1st in “Hamarey Rang Aman k Rang”, His organization aspires to present inspirational messages for social awakening through art and culture.Interactive theatre,documentaries,audio visual communications,social media and other art based activities are the best medium that serves the purpose. He is determined to promote art, culture and civic sense without espousing religious,ethnic,political,gender or any other biases. Striving hard to promote intercultural harmony,through theatre and audio-visual communications that leads to develop a moderate society where noble values are respected, patience is practiced, tolerance prevails,opinions are valued and above all individual’s freedom is ensured. He yearns to evolve a society that is tolerant, harmonized, peacefully just, democratic and flexible enough to accept each other despite of the differences of ethnicity,language,ideology and faith.