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We yearn to evolve a society that is tolerant, harmonized, peacefully just, democratic and flexible enough to accept each other despite of the differences of ethnicity, language, ideology and faith.


Through art-based cultural activities, audio-visual communication, theatre and other performing arts,we are keen to promote and play our part to preserve our art and culture for the brighter face of our society and the establishment of such atmosphere where there is no exploitation and oppression on the basis of language,sex,faith,ideology or race etc.

Aims & Objectives

  1. We are aimed at promoting art & culture in our society for developing tolerance, peace and harmony as art and culture can really fruitful in this regard.
  2. Through interactive communication,we intend to deliver strong messages for the establishment of harmony among different ethnic groups.
  3. We are passionate to evolve and strengthening cultural ties among different strata of society and by doing so they will be able to create space for each other.
  4. Our purpose is to utilize audio-visual communication for the promotion of values of forbearance and acceptance of the people belonging to different ethnic groups in a society.
  5. We are motivated that performing arts can do wonder for creating peaceful environment by developing inter-faith understanding.
  6. We are focusing on the fact that we must ‘agree to disagreement’ and that is only possible when there is interaction between different social groups.

Future Goals

  1. Devising innovative interactive communication among different community groups for the establishment of strong bonds between them.
  2. Developing and strengthening interactive communication for expanding outreach and contributing to the process of social change.
  3. Promotion of capacity building and enhancement of knowledge & skills of the marginalized social groups’ i.e.women and minority etc.
  4. Develop a proactive and sustainable interactive communication institute for promoting arts, culture and communication in communities.
  5. To create peaceful,democratic & just society
  6. Collaboration with government,civil society,educational institutions & other stakeholders.
  7. Using interactive communications as tool.
  8. Developing linkages with like-minded people & organizations.